Online Happy New Year 2018 Quotes For Those Who Are Stuck For Words

December 1, 2017
By Abel

Uh; I dunno wot to say. Huh? How many times have you heard this? And maybe you’re one of them right now. Maybe you’re one of the millions who are still stuck for words.

You just ‘dunno wot’ to say. All you want to do is get your happy new year 2018 greetings out as early as possible. But what’s been keeping you is finding the right messages to send out to all those you love, know and care for.

Now, really, folks, this is as easy as bread, jam and butter. Or is it margarine these days? Anyway, that’s really all there is to it. If you really don’t know what to say to the folks out there all you need to do is go straight to the internet. Just type in inspirational happy new year 2018 quotes in your search field and there you go, up it pops. You’ll have a page full of links to explore.

happy new year 2018

There’s something for everyone. If you’re a sports mad guy, maybe your favorite football star has something inspirational for you. If you’re a real gender bender, maybe Bruce Jenner or whatsername these days has a message of hope for you. If you’re a star worshipper, you can bet your bottom dollar, your favorite stars have something important to say about the new year, 2018. If you’re that serious about business and money, well, there’s even something online for you too. Just have your calculator ready and be prepared to do some number crunching.

Let’s see if these guys’ forecasts make sense. Are there any bubbles out there? Check the quotes and forecasts out.

But if you’re well and truly over the edge with bubbles, a really fun and bubbly guy or girl to be with, you might want to cause the laugh of the century. But as funny as you are, you’re really no good at telling jokes. The reaction has always been; so, dude, what’s the punch line. Never mind the pretentious questions, you tried your best. Now let the world’s funniest do the rest. They have inspirational, but really hilarious things to say about the year that just whizzed past, and of course, they have something funny up their sleeve for the new year too.

Really, folks, the sky’s the limit. No-one needs to be short of words at this time. No one needs to be a snail mailman either. So get a move on. Get on the bus. Or you’ll be late for work. Or supper, depending which way you’re heading. While the bus is crawling its way through the peak hour traffic, get your fingers all over your mobile, pick up those happy new year quotes and paste them on your favorite social media wall. Let them all have it well before the time. Within a matter of seconds, you can be wishing each and every one of us a very happy new year 2018 too.